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Letter to Arya

Feels like yesterday when Arya was inside my tummy. In a few days, she's turning 2. Time indeed flies.  And I realized, this could not be truer, when I became a mom.

To Arya,
It is amazing how your features and physical attributes have evolved over the 24 months.  I am always in awe of the changes you undergo.  I am thankful to you beyond words for giving me the gift of motherhood.  I love you forever, my little one. Eventhough you test my patience, and has become a little naughtier, at your beauty I will always marvel.  Even though, you try to push me to my limits, and you choose Daddy over me, I will still choose you over and over again.  I love how smart you have become- and I knew from the start you'll be witty just like your dad (or is it Momma?).  Thank you for flashing your lovely smile when you wake up in the morning.  And for being the sweetest when it's just the two of us together.  I'm sorry if I feel pressured when you don't behave as expected when we a…
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On Choosing My Baby and Toddler's Essentials

During our last well-baby checkup (or should I say well-toddler?) with the pediatrician, my husband and I were reminded of using mild detergent on baby's clothes.  The doctor advised us to refrain from using strongly-scented detergent and fabric conditioner because these may trigger allergies, or worse, asthma.  What brought about this lecture from our pedia?  Well, that day, my daughter's clothes smelled so good, and the doctor was not impressed.  You'd catch a whiff of it even if you were several inches away from my daughter.  We have allotted a different set of detergent for my daughter's clothes, but apparently, the laundrywoman forgot to use it.  
The thing is, the pedia said he recommended that even our clothes (mine and husband's) be washed with mild detergent also.  This is to prevent our daughter from inhaling allergy and asthma triggers.  I am taking his advice seriously especially now that it's only more than a month away before we welcome the new …